I can't download the files

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Once you have received files from someone using Smartlockr, you can download them from a link in the email. In some cases the entire email is there if the sender decided that it was needed for that email.

If there are files available for download it will look like this in your internet browser:

It is possible to click and download each file individually but you can also click the "Download all" button to download all files at once. When downloading all files at once you will download a ZIP file that you can unzip on your computer yourself.

If you are very quick to open the message after you have received it, the sender may still be uploading the files. This may cause some files to be missing from the ZIP file or the download may not start when you click on the file itself.

The best advice is to try again a few minutes later to open the link from the email so that the sender has been able to upload the files. If the download fails even then please contact the sender of the message to let them know so that they can send them again.

Smartlockr does not have access to the messages and files because they are encrypted so only the sender is able to help you with this.


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