How can I send large attachments with Smartlockr?

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It is possible with the Smartlockr add-in to send attachments that cannot normally be sent by email. These files can also encrypted with Smartlockr just like smaller files.

However, the way of adding large attachments can only be done in one specific way because otherwise Outlook will not give Smartlockr the possibility to suppress the error message and still add the attachment. In this article, we will show you how to add large attachments into your mail without an error message.

Adding large attachment:

Step 1: Open a new email (if applicable).

Step 2: Click on the paperclip.

Step 3: Click on "Browse This PC...".

Step 4: Select the file.

Step 5: Click on "Open".

Step 6: The file is now part of the email, we will display this as a .SL file so you can see that this was successful. 

Step 7: You can now finish and send the email.


You have now sent an email with a large attachment. The upload will take place in the background. If you turn off Outlook and there is still an upload in progress to Smartlockr we will give you a notification to warn you not to close Outlook.


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