I'm having trouble sending an email securely with Smartlockr

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Are you having trouble sending your mail with Smartlockr? In this article, we go through what you can try to solve the problems. We will divide this article into two parts: Problems with actually sending the message in Outlook and problems with the recipient receiving the message.

Problems with sending in Outlook:

If you get error messages from Smartlockr when sending the message, this can have various causes. The solutions that solve most problems are:

  • Log out of the Smartlockr add-in (File, Smartlockr, Log out).
  • Close Outlook.
  • Restart Outlook and log in to Smartlockr. This ensures that the settings are synchronized again, and everything will be refreshed in the background.

If that does not solve the problems, try the following:

  • Save the attachment(s) in a different location and then add them again.
  • Check the recipient’s email address and otherwise enter it manually in full.
  • Create a new email and then try again.
  • Choose a different option from Smartlockr.

If these solutions do not work, please contact your own IT department so they can take a look. If needed they can contact Smartlockr.

Problems with delivering the email:

It sometimes happens that Smartlockr cannot deliver the mail to the recipient. If that has not succeeded, Smartlockr will inform you about this by email. You can try to solve the issues by taking these steps:

  • Check if the email address is correct.
  • Check if the email address exists by sending a regular email without Smartlockr.
  • Try to send the mail again with Smartlockr if everything is correct.

When using Smartlockr, we send the notification emails via a system called Postmark. In this system, we can see more details about why an email was not delivered as expected. Some examples of common errors are:

  • The email address does not exist.
  • The recipient’s mailbox is full.
  • The receiving organization sees Smartlockr as Spam.
  • The receiving organization has a very strict policy on email and therefore refuses the message.
  • There are problems with the receiving email server at that moment.
  • You’ve sent the email to more than 50 recipients at the same time.

Are you sure the email address exists, and have you also been able to send a normal email to that email address? Feel free to contact support@smartlockr.eu so we can give you more information about the error message we see on our side. You can use that information to contact to let them know they’re rejecting the emails you’re trying to send securely with Smartlockr.

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