Which steps can I take to solve problems on my own and what information does support need to help me?

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In this article, we will guide you through what you can do yourself to solve problems that might arise and what information we need from you to be able to help you properly. We need this information to analyze the problems you are experiencing and how we can best help you.

Smartlockr add-in in Outlook:

Are you using our Smartlockr add-in in Outlook and experiencing problems when sending your message? These tips might and fix the issue so you don't even have to contact Support. Please try these steps:

  • Log out within Smartlockr (File, Smartlockr, Log out).
  • Restart Outlook.
  • Log back into the Smartlockr add-in.

Then try to resend the message. If sending still doesn’t work, try the following:

  • Try to recreate the message and add any attachment(s) again.
  • Do not reuse the draft from the drafts folder but create a new version of the previous message instead. 
  • Try to add the attachment(s) from a different location on your computer.

If these steps didn't solve the issues, it may be good to contact your IT department first because as a user you often do not have the permissions to remove or reinstall our software, or do any other IT related tasks on your computer so Smartlockr cannot always help you directly. If you prefer to contact Smartlockr Support, you can do so via support@smartlockr.eu. When you contact us we would like to receive this information from you:

  • Which version of Smartlockr you are using (Click on file and then Smartlockr within Outlook).
  • What steps you have already taken to solve the problem yourself.
  • Your Smartlockr log files (File, Smartlockr and send log files within Outlook).
  • What exactly went wrong and at what moment in your workflow.
  • If you have that information: Whether other users of Smartlockr are experiencing the same issues.

Delivery problems with messages sent with Smartlockr:

Regardless of whether you use our Outlook add-in or not, it could happen that we are unable to deliver the email to the recipient. If the delivery failed, we will inform you about this by email. Please check the following to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Whether the email address is correct.
  • Whether the email address exists by sending a regular email to it without Smartlockr.
  • Try to resend the mail with Smartlockr if everything is correct.

If you still get an email from us to let you know we couldn't deliver the email properly, feel free to send an email to support@smartlockr.eu. We would then like to receive this information from you:

  • From which email address the mail was sent.
  • To which email address the email was sent.
  • On what date and time the email was sent.
  • To how many people the email was sent.

We send emails with a system called Postmark. If the delivery of your email failed, we can often find more information on our end to find out why the delivery failed. Common error messages we find are:

  • The email address does not exist.
  • The recipient’s mailbox is full.
  • The receiving organization sees Smartlockr as Spam.
  • The receiving organization has a very strict policy on email and therefore refuses the message.
  • There are problems with the receiving email server at that moment.
  • You are sending the mail to a group with more than 50 recipients.

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