Log4j vulnerability

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Should I worry?

17.02.2021 - In the last few days, there has been a lot of news circulating about the vulnerability of Log4j software. The software is used worldwide in multiple applications to keep track of what happens in their software applications. We have received a lot of questions regarding Log4j.  
Should you be worried about a vulnerability with SmartLockr? The short answer is: no.  

SmartLockr does not make use of this software, therefore this vulnerability poses no risk to our systems or your data. This applies to both version 3  

What else can you do?  


If you use other systems that are not managed by SmartLockr, please make sure to check as soon as possible whether they make use of Log4j. A list of possible Log4j-related software has been made available online here.  


Additionally, always stay alert for phishing emails. If these emails contain strange attachments or links, do not open them. Always report these emails to your system administrator.  



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