I get an error which says the attached file is too large

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It’s possible to send up to 5TB (!) of files through SmartLockr, independent of the chosen service pack. This exceeds most default Exchange server limits by far, which are usually around 25MB.

It’s possible that when a file is attached to the email in a certain way, the Exchange server checks the file before SmartLockr does and stop you from attaching the desired file. The following pop-up will show:


This error is not SmartLockr-related but is the default error message your email server throws. To send the file via SmartLockr, it is important that files are attached by using the “paperclip” as follows:

Click “Attach File”…


Click “Browse This PC…”


Now add the desired file using the Windows Explorer dialog which pops up. Refrain from using “Recent items” as the selected file may not be the latest version, especially if these are SharePoint or other cloud-based files accessible from multiple locations.

If the file is larger than the Exchange server allows, you will see that the file gets a different look:


The above example is the installation file of SmartLockr. You will see it has turned into a “.sl” file and has been shrunk from 105MB to 119bytes. This ensures that the file is far under the maximum limit if your Exchange server at all times, allowing you to send the e-mail with no problems. The recipient will be able to access the file normally, without the .SL-extension, with the provided download link.

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