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In this article we show you how sending a secure message or secure file with 2FA (two factor authentication) works with SmartLockr. But first we will explain 2FA is and what it's good for.

What is Two Factor authentication?

Two factor authentication (2FA) is an identity verification process where the person that requests access (the recipient of your message) needs to provide two forms of authentication to access the SmartLockr message. Instead of asking for a username and password, two factor authentication requires an additional form of authentication. That greatly reduces the chance of someone who isn't supposed to from accessing your files and/or message.

Sending a 2FA secure message with SmartLockr:

Step 1: Create a new message in Microsoft Outlook by clicking “New email”.


Step 2: Select the option “Secure file” or “Secure message” in the SmartLockr ribbon.


Step 3: Finish writing your email and press "Send" in Outlook. 

Step 4: The SmartLockr interface will now become visible. Click on the drop down menu on top of the screen and select “Two-factor authentication". If the option is already set to "Two-factor authentication" you don't have to click it again. 


Step 5: Add the phone number(s) for the recipient(s), each recipient will have their own line in the confirmation wizard.


Step 6: Check the recipients to see if everyone in there is supposed to be there, if so: Use the select all button or select the recipients individually.


Step 7: Click “Send” and you’re done!


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