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In this article, we will give you some tips on what to do when you didn't receive the password for emails or attachments that have been sent with SmartLockr and what might have caused this.

Users of SmartLockr have two authentication methods when they send you a message:

  1. 1FA (password by email)
  2. 2FA (password by text message)

In this article, we will be talking 1FA (password by email). 

Everything starts when you get a notification message from SmartLockr, which will have a link inside to give you access to the files or the entire email message. The notification message will look like the image below:




Possible reasons for not receiving the password might be:

  1. Our email with the password might be in your spam folder.
  2. The IT department might have blocked the email before it reached your mailbox.

The IT department might be able to help you out by releasing the mail if they blocked it. By default, the email will be sent from noreply@smartlockr.eu, but customers that use our Platinum package have the option to change that email address to a domain that looks more like their company. 

You can also contact the person who sent you the message as they have the possibility to send you the message again or send you the password in other ways like phone, WhatsApp, or text. The sender also has the option to send the message with 2FA (text message).


In this article, we explained why you may not be receiving the password. The sender is usually the best person to contact as SmartLockr doesn’t have access to the passwords, codes, and content, which is encrypted with SmartLockr.  


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