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What is One Factor authentication?

1 Factor authentication (1FA) is used as security to verify a recipient's identity. The recipient of your message must then take 1 step to read the content of your email. The most commonly used 1FA method is a password. By default, all messages with sensitive content are sent with a password by SmartLockr. You can set this password yourself if you wish..

Sending a 1FA secure message with SmartLockr:

Step 1: Create a new message by clicking “New email” in Microsoft Outlook.


Step 2: Select the option “Secure file” or “Secure message” in the SmartLockr ribbon.


Step 3: Finish making your email and click on "Send" in Outlook. 

Step 4: The SmartLockr interface will now appear. Click the drop-down menu on top of the screen and select “One factor authentication”.


Step 5: Choose the password option you prefer if you have two options. The admin can set one of these options as default, so you might only see one. We’ll explain both options below.

Autogenerate password:

When you select this option, our software will automatically generate a secure password to make things easier for you. The recipient will have to enter this password to see the message/file(s). You can make the automatically generated password visible by clicking the eye icon.


Create custom password for all recipients:

When you select this option, you can enter your own password for all recipients of the message and/or file(s). The passwords needs to meet certain requirements which include: At least 8 characters, at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter and at least one special character. An example password that fits the requirements is: Custom_Password!  


Step 6: Click "Next" when you're done setting up the password. 

Step 7: Check the recipients to see if everyone in there is supposed to be there, if so: Use the select all button or select the recipients individually.


Step 8: Click on “send” and you’re done!


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