How do I install SmartLockr?

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Downloading SmartLockr is easy and quick. Just read the instructions below. Keep in mind that it’s not always necessary to install our software by yourself because your IT department might do this on your behalf.

Downloading SmartLockr:

On our release notes page your can download the latest release of SmartLockr. You can find our release notes here. The page will look like this:



Select the release you want to download and you will get four download options. The SMTP Relay releases are usually installed by the IT department. The Single user installer is great if you don’t share your computer with anyone else. If you do share your computer it might be better to use our all-user installer so everyone on the computer can use SmartLockr. The page of a release will look something like this:



After you click the version you want to download, the download will start. You can see the progress of the download in the downloads section of your browser. In most browsers it will be visible on the bottom of your screen and it will look like this:




Installing SmartLockr:

Please close Microsoft Outlook and click the file you just downloaded. The installer screen will present itself that will look like this:


Here you can click on “Next” and the next screen will look like this:


On this screen you will see the default folder where SmartLockr will install. The folder might be different depending on the version of SmartLockr you chose earlier. You can change the folder if it’s necessary by clicking the “browse” button. When you’re set click “Next” to go to the next screen that will look like this:


In this screen we will click “install”. This screen will appear:


SmartLockr will be installed while you see this screen. When the installer has finished you will see this screen:


We’re done with the installation of SmartLockr! Please click “Finish”.


Where to find SmartLockr:

Now that we finished installing SmartLockr the only thing left to do is open Microsoft Outlook. On top of Microsoft Outlook the SmartLockr login screen will present itself that will look like the image below. Here you can log in and you’ll be ready to go.




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