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In this article, we will give you some tips on what to do when you don't receive the text message for emails or attachments that have been sent with SmartLockr and what might have caused it.

Users of SmartLockr have two authentication methods when they send you a message:

  1. 1FA (password by email)
  2. 2FA (password by text message).

In this article, we will be talking 2FA with SmartLockr.

Everything starts when you get a notification message from us which will have a link inside to give you access to the files or the entire email message. The notification message will look something like this:




Possible reasons for not receiving the text message might be:

1: The text message might take a bit longer than usual to arrive.

2: You don’t have cell service or your signal strength is low.

3: The person who sent you the message gave us a different phone number to send the text message to.


When you click the green button in our notification email, you will see a webpage where you can see the last three digits of the phone number that was entered by the sender. This will look like this:




If the last three digits (which you can’t see in this example) are not correct, please contact the sender of the message to let them know, so they can send you the message again with the correct phone number. 

If receiving the text message isn't an option at that time or in general, but you really need access, you can ask the sender to send the message with 1FA (password by email).


In this article, we explained what might be the cause of text messages that you’re not receiving. The person who has sent you the message is usually the best person to contact because SmartLockr doesn’t have access to the passwords, codes, and content as these are encrypted by SmartLockr.  

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