How can I configure email domains?

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By default, all notification emails from SmartLockr are sent from You can however change this default e-mail address by configuring email domains within SmartLockr. After setting this up, the recipients of notification emails from SmartLockr will see a domain that is familiar to them.  

Configuring email domains:

Before we start configuring email domains, there is one important note: Please make sure you are using an existing email address, because you will receive an email on that email address which needs to be approved. It can be a temporary email address. After going through the steps described in this how-to, that email address is no longer necessary. 

Step 1: Go to our admin portal in your preferred browser. If you have admin permissions, the following options will appear on the left side:


Step 2: Click on “E-mail domains” and you will see this:


Step 3: Click on “Add domain” and this screen will be visible:


Step 4: In the field “Default email address”, you enter the email address that you want to use for recipient. (For example:

Step 5: The “Domain” field will be filled out automatically, based on what you entered in step 4. Please check if this is correct and repeat step 4 if that’s not the case.

Step 6: In the field “Custom sender name”, you enter the name that will become visible when the notification emails come in. (For example: Secure email from Yourcompanyname).

After filling out all the fields, it will look like this:


Step 7: In this step click “Add” and you’ll return to where you started. The information you entered should be visible now. It will look something like this:



Step 8: Repeat steps 2 through 7 if you want to add more than one email domain. 


Adding the DNS records and click the email confirmation:

Adding DNS records is usually done by the IT department or IT partner. Each DNS system has a different interface and looks a bit different, so the screenshot below is an example and will probably look different for the person who will add the DNS records:


Step 1: Go to the inbox of the email address you configured before, and look for an email from Postmark. Click on the email to verify the email address.

Step 2: Add the TXT and CNAME records from our admin portal to your DNS tool and click save. 

Step 3: Click on “Verify” in the email domains section of our admin portal when you have completed step 2. Adding DNS records can take some time, so you might have to wait for up to an hour. If the verify-button isn't shown, please check if the DNS records have been added properly. 

Step 4: If step 3 was successful, the email domains are now set. You can test email domains by restarting Outlook and sending a test email with SmartLockr encryption. 

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