What do I need to fill in in the fields in a SmartLockr upload portal?

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In a SmartLockr upload portal, a visitor can securely upload files to the recipient. Which fields can or must be filled in, varies from one organization to another. Below you can read what you can fill in at which field in SmartLockr's upload portals. It may look slightly different for each organization, but it works the same.

Do you want to know exactly how uploading files works, click here.


The “From” field:

The “From” field will look like this:


In this field you enter a valid email address that you have access to. It’s necessary for you to have access to the email address because we will send a code towards the email address so you can validate it exists.


The “To” field:

The “To” field will look like this:


A SmartLockr admin can change the behavior of this field, so it can differ for each visitor what it looks like.

  • You don’t see the “To” field:
    The admin made sure that everything uploaded through that specific upload portal will go to one specific email address. In those cases the “To” field is hidden for a visitor.
  • You see the “To” field with preconfigured options:
    The drop-down menu contains preconfigured email addresses set by the admin of that organization. If you see a “Send to a recipient”-option you can click on that to enter an email address on your own.
  • You see the “To” field and you’re able to enter an email address:
    You can enter the email address you wish to send the files to by yourself. Admins have the options to only allow domains they configured. (everything after the @)


The “Your message” field:

The “Your message” field will look like this:


Here you can write the message to go with the files you’re sending.

The “Please upload your files here” field:

The “Please upload your files here” field can look different depending on the settings of the SmartLockr admin. You can be free in the number of files and file sizes or you can be restricted in file type and/or size. 

No Limitations:

The admin didn’t set any restrictions on the amount, size or file type you can upload. The field will look like this:



Preconfigured document types:

The admin can also set limitations so you can only upload certain file types, file sizes or number of files. Below is an example of a restriction for a single pdf-file with a size limit of 10 MB:


If there are more than one fields, you can upload more files.

If you think the document types are not correct, too strict or prevent you from upload everything you need to upload please contact the organization that uses SmartLockr to discuss this with them.






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