How do I send my files with the public file option within Smartlockr?

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In this article we will show you how to send files securely when using the 'Public files' of Smartlockr. When choosing the option ‘Public files’, your files are sent with encryption, but there is no authentication. This means that anyone with access to the file link will be able to open it.

Sending a message with public file:

The message is also not encrypted when using the option ’Public files’ and will therefore be displayed in the initial email to the recipient, rather than in the secure channel.

Step 1: Write your email and attach files as you usually would, after choosing ‘Public files’ in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click ‘send’.

Step 3: This will take you the ‘Confirm Recipient and Files’ window. Confirm your attachments and click 'next'.

Step 4: Confirm your recipients and click 'send'. Your message has now been sent!

In this article we showed you how to send your files securely with Smartlockr when using the 'Public files' option. Would you rather watch a video where we show you how to do this? You can watch that video here: How do I send a public file with Smartlockr?

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