Where can I see the tracking and blocking information of messages where Smartlockr was used?

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When you use Smartlockr we can show you if the recipient(s) already visited our channels to read your message and/or download the file(s). When you use 'public file' we can't show you the status for each individual recipient because they all use the same link to access the files. When you use 'secure file' or 'secure message' you wil be able to see the status for each recipient that received your message and/or file(s). 


Looking up the tracking and blocking information of a message where Smartlockr was used:

Step 1: Return to your sent emails in Outlook and click on the email you have sent out. Click on the ‘Tracking & blocking’ button.

Step 2: Click ‘See tracking and file information’ for the recipient you're looking for. 

Step 3: You will now see the tracking information for the recipient you selected in Step 2. If necessary you can also block files in this screen for that recipient if that's needed. 


In this article we showed you where you can find the tracking and blocking information for messages and/or files that have been sent with Smartlockr. Do you prefer a video where we take you through the steps of this article? You can find that video here: How can I see the status of a sent email with SmartLockr?

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